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OOC Information
Player Name: Daranon
Player Age: 30

Player Contact: Plurk - Daranon, AIM - WedgeFulcrum
Player/Character HMD: Right here
Other characters in game: n/a

IC Information
Character Name: Miles Stedman
Character Age/Gender: 24/Male
Canon Point: Right after returning to his motel room from an assignment dealing with rogue vampires.

Character History:
Born in Chelmsford, England as the middle child of a set of three, Miles's childhood was fairly stable. His older half-brother Gene was always treated as sort of the golden child by their father. Gene's mother had died a few short years after his birth and had devastated their father, causing him to constantly dote on Gene. And while Gene was expected to be successful in his own way their father placed the highest expectations on Miles. While not overly strict or harsh towards his other children, there was a constant push for Miles to to follow in his father's footsteps and become a successful journalist. Miles's younger sister Molly was also encouraged along this path, to a lesser degree than Miles. However, despite these differences in treatment, the siblings all got along relatively well. 

Throughout grade school, Miles excelled academically, striving to the standards that his father held him to, but he began to take an interest in the study of the paranormal. His grandmother had been an agent for the International Office of Paranormal and Supernatural Affairs (IOPSA) and her stories of her time out in the field spurred Miles on to research. His growing fascination with the profession caused more than one fight with his father, especially once he was nearing the age where he could apply for study at a university. Despite wanting to study the paranormal, Miles conceded to his father's wishes when the funds to even attend school were threatened to be pulled. After a year studying journalism, however, Miles decided it wasn't the profession he wanted and took the biggest gamble of his life. He switched his field of study and applied for scholarships from IOPSA, knowing that his father would pull financial support. Ultimately, this caused a rift between Miles and his father, one where they have barely spoken to each other in nearly four years. His mother has tried to encourage them to reconcile, but they have similar personalities and neither will compromise on the issue. 

Upon graduating, Miles was a well-read Demonologist but IOPSA tapped him for the Guide program because of his calm but confident demeanor. Guides are assigned to a Medium, someone possessing supernatural abilities, and their main job is to be an anchor for a Medium while they use their powers. He was partnered with Jacob, a Empathic Telepath who's supernatural gifts were particularly strong. At first, the job went smoothly and his working relationship with Jacob developed into a romantic one as well. 

Their case load was typically interviewing witnesses for IOPSA cases and also confirming witness testimony for regular police cases. With Miles's help, Jacob would be able to determine if a witness was lying or not, which was particularly useful were witness testimony was the only evidence such as hauntings or possessions.  During this time, Miles also continued his research, publishing a paper concerning the nature of demonic spirits. Over time, however, Jacob's demeanor became controlling and manipulative. Paired with his medium abilities, able to manipulate other people's emotions and plant suggestions, Jacob was slowly able to isolate his partner from family and friends.

After two years, working with Jacob had gotten to a breaking point. Miles recognized the situation for what it was, but getting a chance to report the medium proved to be problematic. Jacob cut him off at every opportunity and destroyed a thumb drive of evidence, eventually escalating the situation to physical violence. Not seeing any other alternative to escape, Miles went to hand in his resignation. This seemed out of the blue to the branch chief and started a swift investigation, ultimately resulting in the Lazarus Rule being invoked (explained in world setting).

The entire incident left a bad taste in his mouth, and Miles seriously considered leaving IOPSA permanently but opted for a transfer to an office in America. He believed that he had already given up too much to quit now, but he also felt like he couldn't stay in England. He wanted a totally fresh start. His new branch chief assigned him to a new medium, Lucas Kovach, who's supernatural talents were different from Jacob's. They did not start off on the right foot, however. During their first mission as a newly formed squad, they were assigned to be part of a larger task force to bring down a coven of rogue vampires. The team split up, Chris and Dae cornering one of the vampires while Miles and Lucas gave chase to the other. The vampire played Lucas and Miles off of each other, sensing that each didn't entirely trust the other yet. The vampire led them on a merry chase while Chris and Dae finally dispatched the other. Feeling the death of his brethren gave the vampire a reason to pause so Miles and Lucas had enough time to scramble together a more cohesive attack and severely wound the vampire in the process. Chris and Dae caught up and they managed to finish the job.

Afterwards, Miles headed back to his motel room for some much needed rest, only to find himself in a rather strange city...

Character World:
The series is set in the modern day era, where the International Office of Paranormal and Supernatural Affairs (IOPSA) investigates strange happenings in the world, enforces the Lazarus Rule, and educates the public on matters of the paranormal. Established during the first Crusade when supernatural creatures were revealed to the world, IOPSA was originally called the Order of the Rose. A small band of Crusaders and Turkish Muslims joined forces when they realized the greater threat was the creatures stirred up by their fighting. Vampires, werewolves, spirits, and demonic forces soon joined the fight; some on the side of the Crusade, some on side of the Turkish Muslims, and still others fought against all humans. The Crusade was fought to a standstill only to be rekindled a short time later. Over the course of nine Crusades and nearly two hundred years, humanity comes out on top of the conflict. Several accords with the different factions of paranormal creatures, most notably vampires, were established and the course of history is mainly the same as our own. The biggest difference is that the world of the paranormal is common knowledge.

While the public at large recognizes that the supernatural does indeed exist, and that paranormal sciences are a legitimate field of study, the average man on the street understands it about as much as they would understand police or military operations. The creatures and spirits that IOPSA face on a daily basis are still shrouded between fact and Hollywood fiction. therefore, it is entirely possible that some people still do not believe that supernatural things happen, that IOPSA is a waste of tax payer money (even though it is entirely self funded by the monies invested from its inception by the Templars/Turkish Muslims and onward), or that the Hollywood portrayals are accurate. Educating the public is a large part of IOPSA's mission. For instance, in many films vampires are said to burst into flames when exposed to the sun. This is entirely untrue, though a vampire's eyesight is reduced to human levels and their powers are diminished during the day. 

People with supernatural talents are treated about the same as any other minority; varying from quiet acceptance to outright hatred. Mediums, specifically, are treated with some degree of suspicion or disdain as just over half of mediums are usually raised in an institutionalized situation in order to establish proper control over their talents. While this is vital to maintaining the public's trust in the value of these programs, the mediums who grow up in these situations are often less-developed socially or have a difficult time relating to 'normal' people. However, as there are no requirements for making such talents known to others, most mediums and sensitives keep their powers a closely guarded secret.

IOPSA officially came into being in 1867 and is organized in similar fashion to a police force. Officers either use their own natural powers or talismans to handle the widely-varied case work: anything from a simple haunting to rooting out a rogue vampire coven. Trouble seems to be boiling over in the world, however, as the case loads get heavier. The old accords are strained by the introduction of Rapture, a drug which gives the average person temporary supernatural-like abilities.

With Rapture's growing popularity, cults and cult activity are on the rise around the world. The presence of cults are not a new problem for IOPSA to face. Throughout its history the organization has faced many challenges of so-called religious leaders stirring up the masses for their own favor. Organized religion has also placed hurdles in IOPSA's way, going so far as to excommunicate the Templars and nearly wiping them out. Modern day cults put an emphasis that humans are better and the accords are outdated. They have sought a way to shatter these agreements and bring about the true age of humanity. Rapture seems to be a golden opportunity to do just that, but it has unforeseen side effects. IOPSA has been scrambling to identify the compounds and manufacturing process behind the mysterious drug, as well as find the ultimate source. 

As far as supernatural abilities in the world go, the average person has little to no power. Sensitives have a very limited ability in one area, such as emphatic sensitivity (the ability to feel very keenly what someone else is feeling and/or affect another person's feelings). Sensitives are the most common group of persons with supernatural abilities, comprising of 8-9% of the population. Around 1% of the world population are gifted with a stronger supernatural power, but only in one area such as telekinesis (moving objects with your mind) and are identified according to their particular talent. Mediums possess two or more supernatural abilities. According to IOPSA, there are approximately three thousand mediums living in the world today. Around 750 are employed by IOPSA. Mediums are usually paired with a partner, referred to as a Guide. A Guide acts as a medium's anchor to the real world while they use their talents to explore the supernatural one. Ideally, Guides have only a sensitivity or no talents at all and are chosen based on complementary personality traits. Having a stable, calm personality is one of the common traits that all Guides share.

IOPSA keeps records and tabs on anyone with any level of extra-sensory abilities, mediums especially. Even if they are not employed by IOPSA, all individuals with these talents fall under the Paranormal Espionage Act of 1960. This act was pushed by the barely decade old NATO as a means to prevent opposing parties in the Cold War using mediums as spies. It also stipulates that all individuals with such abilities adhere to the Three Laws; respect the sanctity of the human mind, do no harm to fellow human beings, and maintain control over your own mind. Violating these laws invokes the Lazarus Rule, in which the offender upon being caught has three days to prove their own innocence. The punishment is always death, however this rule is only used in extremely rare cases.

During the 1970s there was a movement to provide training to all individuals with extra-sensory talents, and that is still the case to this day. Mediums working for IOPSA receive additional training suited to their particular talents and are subject to yearly reviews.

Character Personality: 

Because of the way he was raised, Miles tends to come across as aloof and a little curt at times. He doesn't talk too much about his private life outside of work, so his new team finds him a little mysterious. He's a very private person and is more likely to set aside his own troubles before asking for any sort of help. That's not to say that nothing bothers him, however. The time spent with Jacob had quietly taken it's toll; inwardly there's a heavy sense of shame and guilt, even though rationally Miles knows he didn't deserve such treatment he struggles with the sense that it really was somehow his fault. This is partially why he treats his new partner Lucas with particular disdain at first, a preemptive strike to keep himself from being in the same situation twice. It takes a very long time in the series for Miles to even consider trying another relationship again and while he has no problem establishing friendships the idea of being so close to someone immediately dredges up his past experience and prevents him from even considering intimate relationships.

He's also not one to mince words, remarking to Lucas after meeting him that the medium needed to stop spacing out and learn how to focus on the task at hand. Despite being blunt, most of the time Miles will word things in such a way that it's not out-right insulting or vulgar. He does understand tact and when to use it, but  his default mode is to not mince words. 

Miles is also very confident in his own abilities. When one of his new teammates notices the marksmanship pin on his jacket, he casually confirms his accomplishments but does so without boasting. Something he earned, whether through training or hard work, Miles believes he has every right to be proud of and doesn't quite understand it when people try to be overly humble. He will freely admit when he's wrong, however. Part of learning is making mistakes, as far as Miles is concerned.

He holds himself to a high standard and often expects it out of other people as well, unless they prove otherwise, but even then he would try and push them into figuring things out for themselves. He prefers to not 'baby-sit' anyone, if he can avoid it. As such, he really doesn't have too much patience for entertaining children.

The one thing his teammates come to rely on is that Miles is seemingly unflappable and able to keep his head when others panic. In most situations, even unfamiliar ones, he's able to keep focused on the task at hand until whatever the situation is passes. Whenever possible, he saves any freak-outs or break-downs for a time when he's alone. He tends to shut people out entirely when he has a problem or push them away, becoming increasingly irritated if someone keeps asking if he's alright. 

He has a very dry sense of humor and is not above cutting loose around his close friends. He is eventually cajoled by Lucas into trying console gaming and the pair spend the night drinking and cursing at each other while attempting to blast the other in game. It just takes awhile for Miles to really warm-up to someone, especially after the emotional manipulation and abuse he suffered from his previous partner. Despite being rather blunt at times, he is caring about other people in his own way. Those who suffer or have suffered similar experiences to his own or those who have abilities they have trouble controlling immediately trigger a sense of protectiveness.

Character Abilities: 

Marksmanship - Miles has earned recognition for his marksmanship on pistols and rifles. He's an excellent shot, even without his glasses because he is far-sighted.

Character Inventory: 

Besides the clothes he was wearing his has his standard IOPSA-issued jacket, which looks like this one, but with a British flag on the sleeve and a green color band underneath it, .40 Smith and Wesson handgun with a 13-bullet clip that only has seven bullets in it, and a gun holster.

A book talisman; a small, thin green notebook. The pages are blank unless the correct phrase is spoken. Contains detailed notes over the last few centuries on demons. Miles can ask the book to access certain pages, the book will then flip the pages around and display the information, the words appearing as if ink were seeping up on the surface. The talisman is restricted to notes about demons.

Interaction thread - reKindled meme with Mani

Third person -

Sunlight slipped away, sinking below the horizon and cast the tiny motel room into darkness save for lamp on the nightstand. Inside, the room was fairly stark. The rent here was cheap, most of his neighbors barely stayed the night, but it would have to serve as a new home for now. It was far from ideal, and much more cramped than the flat he had left behind the week before, but Miles felt strangely comfortable in these surroundings. A new beginning. A fresh start. Despite the boxes piled up in the corner and the minimal furniture of the room, this was his chance to prove his gamble had been worth it.

The blond sat on the edge of the bed, eyes skimming through an entry of lesser demons. It was a nervous habit; to sit and read familiar entries in the talisman book. Some of the words were written centuries ago, in careful ink and quill handwriting, in a language no longer spoken. It was a small time capsule of sorts. A turn of the page and the book had obviously changed hands and leapt forward in time. Another turn, and the words on the pages were finally in more modern English, small notes on the side from his Grandmother scribbled in haste. 

Miles smiled faintly, running his fingertips over the words she wrote. The quiet action affirming his choice to come here.

He had given up so much for that damn jacket, after all.

His new assignment started in the morning, meeting with a new Medium and taking on different responsibilities. There was a twinge of anxiousness there, wondering how this risky move would pan out. 

"Nothing for it but to keep moving forward," Miles said to the otherwise empty room. There was no way but forward, if he backtracked now it would have all been a waste. Setting the thin book aside, he stood, hand trailing along the wall until he found the light switch for the bathroom. The tap water was cold on his hands and face. His reflection looked tired, jet lag and stress, and the ponytail that usually hung neatly behind his back was in a tangled mess. Instinctively, the blond reached for a hairbrush sitting by the sink, only to stop as his fingers curled around the handle.

Jacob, his former partner, liked his hair long.

He dropped the brush, reaching instead for a pair of scissors and cut away the hair held back by the ponytail elastic, leaving only long blond bangs to frame his face and the back messy. Satisfied, Miles smirked at his own reflection. It was strange seeing his hair shorter after all this time, but like his new surroundings Miles was confident in time he would adapt.


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